“Only a total appreciation of the acoustic environment can give us the resources for improving the orchestration of the world soundscape”
R. Murray Schafer, “The Soundscape and the tuning of the World”, 1994

Este projecto teve início durante o Verão de 2010, tendo como objectivo catalogar as diversas paisagens sonoras que podem ser escutadas através do percurso do Douro, desde nascente a estuário.

The project began during the Summer of 2010 with the intent of capturing the various soundscapes which can be experienced along the Douro´s journey, from source to sea. 

“The Douro River was, and still is, a source of richness for the region and for its surrounding villages. In the old days, it propelled the watermills that spread throughout its banks, it allowed for fishing, it irrigated the fields and would fill the wells of the best gardens in Bemposta, where fruit trees and season novelties would be cultivated, the main livelihood of the local population.”

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